Tommi Kinnunen

Tommi Kinnunen (b. 1973) was born in north-eastern Finland and currently lives in Turku. Where Four Roads Meet is the debut novel for this author, who has also written plays and cabarets.

“It only takes a few pages to get the impression you have something remarkable inyour hands; once you reach the end, you are convinced this is the case. It is rare for prose debuts to be this emphatic and confident”, wrote Helsingin Sanomat newspaper about Where Four Roads Meet.

Where Four Roads Meet has been topping the charts in Finland and sold over 80 000 units to date.

The novel has also been awarded the Best Novel of 2014 Prize by the Jury of the Finnish Grand Journalism Prize and Thank You for the Book Prize by the Finnish Booksellers’ Association. It was also shortlisted for both Finlandia Fiction Prize and the Best Debut of the Year Award.

Where Four Roads Meet is a touching and strong story of tenacious women. The novel is both about being different and of the change of the Finnish society. The altering voices of the narrators of the story make the structure of the novel particularly successful and keep the reader captivated. The writing is beautiful, the description of the protagonists is skillful, and their individual fates are fascinating, the novel is a well-balanced and a refined whole. Where Four Roads Meet is a brilliant and timeless debut novel.” – Statement of the Jury of Thank You for the Book Prize

Tommi Kinnunen’s second novel The Light Behind the Eyes was published in February 2016 with glowing reviews, and immediately conquered the peak of the Finnish TOP10 list as well. It’s domestic sales figure is over 50 000 copies.



The Light Behind the Eyes (Lopotti, WSOY 2016)
Where Four Roads Meet (Neljäntienristeys, WSOY 2016)


Awards and nominations

2016 Shortlisted for the Finlandia Fiction Award
2016 The Readers’ Finlandia Fiction Award Favourite
2016 Shortlisted for Europese Literatuurprijs (The Netherlands)
2015 Thank You for the Book Prize (Finnish Booksellers’ Association)
2015 Best Book of 2014 Award (The Grand Finnish Journalism Prize)
2015 Young Aleksis Prize
2014 Shortlisted for the Finlandia Fiction Award
2014 Shortlisted for the Best Debut of the Year Prize