Tommi Melender

Tommi Melender (b. 1968) entered the literary world as a poet, but he made the leap over to prose after three collections of poetry. Melender’s work exhibits strong influences from French literature, and he admits to feeling an occasional longing for the 19th century. Melender approaches contemporary phenomena with a remote curiosity, occasionally resorting to satirical methods.

Tommi Melender has master’s degree in the social sciences and is a journalist by trade. In addition to novels and poetry, he has also written essays. His novel The French Friend (2009) was shortlisted for the Finlandia Fiction Prize, and his essay collection He Who Enjoys Most (2010) was nominated for the Runeberg Prize.



On Happiness (Onnellisuudesta, essays, WSOY 2016)
Cold War
(Kylmä sota, novel, WSOY 2014)
A Single Orgy (Yhden hengen orgiat, essays, WSOY 2013)
Deception of Liberalism (Liberalismin petos, essays with Timo Hännikäinen, WSOY 2012)
Consolation (Lohtu, novel, WSOY 2011)
He Who Enjoys Most (Kuka nautti eniten, essays, Savukeidas 2010)
The French Friend (Ranskalainen ystävä, novel, WSOY 2009)
A Man of Honour (Kunnian mies, novel, WSOY 2007)
Wings of Metal (Metallisiivet selässä, poems, WSOY 2004)
The Continent Within Me (Maanosa minussa, poems, WSOY 2003)
Presence or Dreams (Tässäoloa tai unta, poems, WSOY 1989)