Tuomas Tepora

Tuomas Tepora (b. 1978), PhD, is a nimble author and a new-generation historian from the University of Helsinki. He has studied, among other things, the cultural history of war and emotions, nationalism, and group symbols. Tepora’s work To Live and Die on Your Behalf (2011), an exploration of attitudes of self-sacrifice in Finland, nationalism, and the symbolism of the Finnish flag, was named Finland’s best non-fiction book of the year in 2012.

He has also co-authored and edited with Aapo Roselius the first modern and comprehensive study of the civil war of Finland, The Finnish Civil War 1918 – History, Memory, Legacy (Brill, 2014).



The Spirit of War: The Beautiful, Ugly Winter War (Sodan henki: Kaunis ja ruma talvisota, WSOY 2015)
To Live and Die on Your Behalf
(Sinun puolestas elää ja kuolla, WSOY 2011)