Joonas Konstig
Publication date
October 2017
Format info
256 pagres

A Year as a Gentleman. Reality prose.

Vuosi herrasmiehenä

-   Joonas Konstig

“You’re as far from a gentleman as can be!” – The author’s wife


The tale of how a former green-haired punk rocker acquires manly virtues.

For many, the word ‘gentleman’ conjures up images of an old-fashioned, over-dressed bore who is always opening doors for women – or disappointing them by denying them his attentions.

The author, who is used to giving the finger to manners and all other forms of bourgeois bunk, decides to teach his child to conduct himself with more class. But first he must learn to be a gentleman himself. Joonas Konstig throws himself into this endeavour by taking up the gentlemanly arts, from horseback riding to rugby, from etiquette school to charity work.

During his educational mind-trip, Konstig seeks answers to the questions asked by philosophers since antiquity: What is a good person? How should we live?


Joonas Konstig (b. 1977) is an Espoo-based author and trainer known particularly for his food-themed writing. He won the Kalle Päätalo award for his novel Everything Has Been Said (2011).