Virpi Marjaana Siira
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160 pages, size 215 x 280 mm

My Space: Circle – Crocheted Variations

Oma koppa. Ympyrä - Virkattuja variaatioita

-   Virpi Marjaana Siira
You’ll never think about knotting the same way again!

Virpi Marjaana Siira proves in her astounding book that crocheting can be an act of anarchy. This book shows you everything you’re capable of once you’ve learned to crochet a basic circle.

My Space: Circle – Crocheted Variations shakes prevailing notions of handicrafts with its beautifully illustrated idea bank for experienced crocheters… as well as those with less skill. Start from a tiny circle and go from there, keep going until it’s as big as life itself. This unique book features ideas for 60 projects.

Forget traditional crocheting instructions and turn your mistakes into victories.

Virpi Marjaana Siira has hooked crocheters in both Finland and abroad with her philosophy of life and with her blog, omA KOPPA. The blog boasts 5 million readers from all around the world.

om                        peace of mind, calming down, beauty, harmony, repetition – think om
                            rock, shaking things up, uncritical flow, the joy of creating– narchy
omⒶ                     unique, my own, hunch, variation – Finnish word “oma,” “one’s own”
KOPPA                artefact, round object, head – Finnish slang for “head”
omⒶ KOPPA    my space
CIRCLE              basic form, your belly bottom, solar system, inspiration, strength

Virpi Marjaana Siira has published two other titles, My Space: Square (WSOY, 2015) and My Space: 365 (WSOY, 2016), both lavishly illustrated with photographs by Jarkko Sarjanen.

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Praise for the Work

“Virpi Siira’s book is a wonderfully rich collection of ideas that brings a much-needed breath of fresh air to traditional crocheting instructions. […] The visual idiom of crocheting is international, which is why Siira’s work and working methods are understandable without any text.” – Ann-Mari Rannikko, Turun Sanomat

“Siira has been described an anarchist of crocheting. She shows us a completely new way to approach handicrafts.” – Koti, Turun Sanomat

“A fresh vision, the step by step -photographs and humour make the book memorableThis book is perfect gift book for anyone interested in crocheting, and for people who have not been crocheting for some time.” – Kotiliesi

“But let’s return to the circle, and to the joy of success. My thanks go to Virpi Marjaana Siira and to her new book My Space: Circle – Crocheted Variations. My Space is interesting, fun to read and a very special book. It breaks the traditional book format. The book is big, the text and pictures are laid out horizontally, the pages are black and they contain a lot of photos, and the text is fun to read. […]  The Author seems to be relaxed and casual about crocheting – it doesn’t matter if you don’t success immediately, or if the outcome is something else than what was originally intended. This gives the reader a sense of relief. – Suvikukkasia blog