Ville Ranta
Ville Ranta
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September 2018
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The King Loses His Head

Kuningas menettää päänsä

The concept of being a man is torn to shreds in Ville Ranta’s new, guillotine-sharp-witted graphic novel


The roof of the castle is leaking, the court jester cannot raise a smile on his lips, no one seems to respect him – The King is losing faith in everything he knows. Thankfully, a vicar knows the cure for the King’s existential depression and the unlikely duo embark upon an adventure where the beer flows, heads roll and women are conquered – one last time.

The King Loses His Head by Ville Ranta is a wildly-imagined work of surreal wit, one that shimmers with pastel coloured illustrations and sees the severing of the head of the white alpha male. Ironic, given Ranta is exactly that himself… Off with his head!


Excerpt in Finnish

The King Loses His Head


Praise for the Work

“Ville Ranta is on a par with Monty Python, providing a fearlessly concurrent – yet timeless – story that draws its inspiration from both the literary classics and plays. The story flows in the style of the classic comedy: smart dialogue followed by the possible exit of a character via the poop-chute of a castle or being attacked by a snail… The King Loses His Head is connected to the long tradition of the European comedy, which readers will easily recognise in the style and enjoy the twists and turns it provides. Such a reader will also know how to read between the strips.” – Aamulehti


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