Jari Järvelä

Jari Järvelä (born 1966) originally trained as a teacher but has worked as a full time author for almost twenty years now. Järvelä has published 14 novels, three plays, eight radio plays and two librettos for opera.

Three of Järvelä’s novels have been nominated for the prestigious Finlandia Prize, most recently for The Rapids, in 2018. He received the Finnish State Prize for Literature in 2007 for his novel trilogy The Weight of Water, Tiny Heaven and The National Landscape. His novel Romeo and Juliet was shortlisted for the Nordic Council Literature Prize 2009.



“Järvelä shines through as the runner of a vendetta that is both intense and fast-paced in its turns. The rooftops of the city and the deserted industrial estates form a chillingly efficient warzone. The reader might find the deeper meaning of the book afterwards, after the gory night fog clears away to make way for the morning.” – Keskisuomalainen


Selected works

The Rapids (Kosken kahta puolta, Tammi Publishers 2018)
Ten Little Trekkers (Se ken tulee viimeiseksi, Tammi Publishers 2017)
The Girl and the Wall (Tyttö ja seinä, Tammi Publishers 2016)
The Girl and the Rat (Tyttö ja rotta, Tammi Publishers 2015)
The Girl and the Bomb (Tyttö ja pommi, CrimeTime 2014)

(Särkyvää, Tammi Publishers 2014)
Better World (Parempi maailma, Tammi Publishers2012)
Zombie (Zombie, Tammi Publishers 2010)
What Are Black Girls Made of (Mistä on mustat tytöt tehty, Tammi Publishers 2009)
Romeo and Juliet (Romeo ja Julia, Tammi Publishers 2007)
National Landscape (Kansallismaisema, Tammi Publishers2006)
Tiny Heaven (Pieni taivas, WSOY 2004)
The Weight of Water (Veden paino, WSOY 2001)
The Pilot’s Son (Lentäjän poika, WSOY 1999)
66 Bones (66 luuta, WSOY 1998)

Short Stories
Château Inkeroinen (Château Inkeroinen, Tammi Publishers 2012)
Much Is Still Untold About Africa (Paljon on Afrikasta kertomatta, WSOY 2002)
The Bride and Other Short Stories (Nuorikko ja muita novelleja, WSOY 1996)
Bambi and Other Short Stories (Bambi ja muita novelleja, WSOY 1995)

Järveläs works include also several plays, radioplays and two librettos for the opera.


Awards and nominations

2018 Shortlisted for the Finland Prize for Fiction
2015 The Best Crime Fiction Debute of the Year
2009 Shortlisted for the Nordic Council Literature Prize
2007 The Finnish State Prize for Literature
2007, 1999 Shortlisted for the Finlandia Prize for Fiction
2001 Kalevi Jäntti Prize