Mooses Mentula

Mooses Mentula (b.1976) spent his childhood and youth in remote northern Finland, lived in Lapland for seven years, and is currently the principal of a southern Finnish village school. He previously worked as a journalist for both newspaper and radio. He also has experience as a nursing home employee, photographer, and telemarketer.

His debut title, a short story collection Black Diamond (2011), had a tremendously positive reception, sparking comparisons with some of the best modern classics of Finnish literature, and was shortlisted for the Best Debut of the Year Award.

Black Diamond was especially praised for its portrayal of childhood and its purity of style. A story from the collection has been selected for a German anthology introducing new Finnish writers, published in 2014 by Editions Lettrétage, Berlin.

Mentula’s much praised first novel Like Father Like Son (2013) has been published in German entitled Nordlicht Südlicht (Weidle Verlag 2014), and an exceprt of the novel was published in Hungarian in Magyar Lettre Internationale 2014.



Ice Age (Jääkausi, WSOY 2016)
Like Father Like Son
(Isän kanssa kahden, WSOY 2013)
Black Diamond
(Musta timantti, short stories, WSOY 2011)