Rosa Liksom

Rosa Liksom (b. 1958) ranks among the most acclaimed and controversial writers of contemporary Finnish literature. Employing a pen name and shunning interviews, she launched her career in the mid-1980s by penning numerous collections of prose miniatures. Rosa Liksom’s career spans more than 30 years and demonstrates a rare ability to master various fields of both writing and the visual arts. In the history of contemporary Finnish prose, her novels and collections of short prose are a fantastic chapter of originally developed Nordic localism and post-modernist world citizenship.

Rosa Liksom is an undisputed master of short prose, a genre she pioneered in with her debut work One Night Stands (Yhden yön pysäkki) in 1985. She is an expert on depicting people who live in unconventional circumstances and a master of controlled exaggeration. With a couple of carefully chosen brushstrokes she is able to conjure up an entire human destiny.

Rosa Liksom has been awarded numerous literary prizes including the prestigious Finlandia prize and he has been twice a candidate for The Nordic Prize of Literature. Her work has been translated into 18 languages.