Simo Hiltunen

Simo Hiltunen (b. 1977) is a reporter and visual producer from northern Finland. In Sheep’s Clothing was his debut novel. The Finnish literary critics praised the novel as “the year’s most important and interesting debuts”.

Hiltunen’s second crime novel with the same protagonist, the investigating crime journalist Lauri Kivi, due out in autumn 2018 with the title Freefall.




Freefall (Ihmisen kuoressa, WSOY 2018)
In Sheep’s Clothing
(Lampaan vaatteissa, WSOY 2015)


Praise for the author

In Sheep’s Clothing is a chillingly exciting, well-built and handsomely grounded psychological thriller. Simo Hiltunen’s debut novel exudes skill. It has been written as if he had been writing thrillers every day for years.” – Thrillers Leestafel, The Netherlands