Tuuve Aro

Tuuve Aro is a freelance writer who grew up and lives in Helsinki. She has published nine fiction books, two of which are novels, five short story collections and two children’s novels. Alongside her work as a writer, she works as a freelance film critic.

Aro’s stories – both short and long – are often enriched with black humour, social colour and realistic fantasy. Even if they deal with such melancholic themes as loneliness, death or bullying, the fates of the characters still stir up hope.

In addition to her own books, Tuuve Aro’s short stories have been published in numerous anthologies. Aro’s texts have been translated into English, German, Hungarian, Russian, Romanian, Serbian, Swedish, and Bengali.


Prizes and Awards

2006 Kalevi Jäntti Prize for young authors



The Butcher and Other Stories (Lihanleikkaaja, short stories, WSOY 2017)
City Boy and the Jungle (Topi & Tallulah: Karambolan kirous, children’s fiction, WSOY 2013)
Desire Machine
(Himokone, short stories, WSOY 2012)
Jungle Girl and the City
(Topi & Tallulah: Korson purppuraruusu, children’s fiction, WSOY 2011)
From Night Till Morning
(Yöstä aamuun, fiction, WSOY 2009)
The Sign
(Merkki ja muita novelleja, short stories, WSOY 2006)
Karmiina (Karmiina, fiction, WSOY 2004)
The Strange Void of Sinikka Tamminen (Sinikka Tammisen outo tyhjiö, short stories, Gummerus 2001)
 Trouble with the Radiator (Harmia lämpöpatterista, short stories, Gummerus 1999)

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Praise for the Author

“Aro has a gift for conjuring up that delicious frisson of the supernatural out of the most humdrum of Finnish reality.  She is a master at luring readers in with mesmeric openings and then shocking them abruptly out of their trance and back into the harsh light of the everyday.” – Kaisu Mikkola, Parnasso