Ville Kivimäki

Researcher Ville Kivimäki (b. 1976) is a key figure among Finland’s new generation of war historians. He has contributed to multiple works as writer and editor, e.g. Ihminen sodassa (‘Man in War’), Ruma sota (‘Ugly War’) and Finland in World War II. Broken Minds is based on Kivimäki’s doctoral dissertation  Battled nerves : Finnish soldiers’ war experience, trauma, and military psychiatry, 1941–44, which has attracted significant public interest.


Awards and Prizes

2013 Non-fiction Finlandia Prize



Broken Minds. Battling for the Nerves of Finnish Soldiers 1939-1945 (Murtuneet mielet. Taistelu suomalaissotilaiden hermoista 1939-1945, WSOY 2013)
Wartorn (Sodan särkemä arki, richly illustrated with photographs, co-authored with Anssi Männistö, WSOY 2016)