Jenni Petänen
Laura Mendelin
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-   Laura Mendelin

60 most beautiful braided hairstyles, including French braids, buns and twists

A how-to hairstyling book that won’t have you all tied up in knots! Fishing for a herringbone braid? Or how about a head-turning little twist?

Braids contains step-by-step photos to guide you through six basic braiding techniques, which can then be combined and varied to create fabulous hairstyles. Improve your braiding skill by working your way through all the styles.

This book contains instructions for creating 60 braided, tied and twisted hairstyles. There are also sections on styles that stay put, styles you can do yourself and super-quick French braids.

Breathtakingly beautiful photographs are by Laura Mandelin.

Braids was awarded a honourable mention in The Most Beautiful Book of the Year by the Finnish Book Art Committee and it has been a bestseller with over 10.000 copies sold in Finland!

See some of the braid styles here.

The talented duo Jenni Petänen and Laura Mendelin have also published a second book with more grown-up hairstyles entitled  Braids 2 – Parties and Performances (Letille 2, WSOY 2016).

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