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Healthy Kitchen

Healthy Kitchen

Healthy and easy recipes all year round. This book will inspire you!

Healthy Kitchen – Feeling Good from the Kitchen is about being healthy, feeling good and playing joyfully with quality ingredients. Natural and organic, vegetarian and raw foods have become permanent fixtures in the diet of any healty-conscious person. In this book, Sara La Fountain has put together a collection of recipes for all kinds of everyday situations – from light breakfasts, vitamin-filled drinks and succulent meat and fish dishes to melt-in-your-mouth desserts. The structure of the book follows the cycle of the year, using ingredients available at different seasons. In addition to recipes, some small, valuable moments, thoughts and wishes have found their way into the book. A healthy diet doesn’t have to be something serious – it can actually be quite the opposite. Nourishing food, good friends and family gives us the strength to keep going. With the book you will learn to listen to yourself better and to be bold in doing things that you wouldn’t have dared to try before. Sara has also studied natural cosmetics manufacturing in New York, so the book includes a few ideas for beauty products, too. Get inspired, try new foods, make mistakes and learn – the road to happiness is easy when you start with small decisions!

Healthy Kitchen will help you feel better and have more energy, and the best part is that you don’t have to spend a lot of time in the kitchen. In this book you’ll find easy-to-make and tasty dishes for every day of the week, plus more demanding recipes for the weekend.

Healthy Kitchen is a veritable treasure chest: the book contains 27 recipes for smoothies and juices, 12 breakfast and snack recipes, 23 desserts, 12 salads, 10 vegetarian dishes, 14 fish, 6 poultry, and 14 meat-based recipes. These inventive recipes are both delicious and easy to follow. Healthy Kitchen also contains recipes for natural health and beauty products: facial masks, scented soaps and body scrubs. The gorgeous photos and colourful images will inspire the reader to return to the book over and over again.

Sara La Fountain is a TV chef, food columnist and writer. She divides her time between Finland and New York and is a devotee of healthy, tasty and beautiful food. Sara’s previous TV shows, New Scandinavian Cooking (PBS, United States) and Sara’s New Nordic Kitchen, have been broadcast in 107 countries.

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This book is available also in English.


Praise for the Work

“This book can be warmly recommended to chefs who have fallen for superfoods and who dare to use the luxurious ingredients also for natural cosmetics.” – Helsingin Sanomat newspaper