Roope Lipasti
Harri Oksanen
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64 pp., Age 6+

Ice-Hockey Ace 4: The Bruiser in the Rink

Lätkä-Lauri ja kaukalon kovis

The Ice-Hockey Ace series follows goalie Ace and his friends when they join a hockey team and get to grips with the rules and the fun of the sport. An exciting, informative and fun read for all the Ice-Hockey Ace wannabees and their friends!

Book 4: The Bruiser in the Rink. The city’s most famous ice hockey club is looking for players. Ace and his friends plan to show off their skills, and hear that a NHL talent hunter might also be scouting at the venue! A strange man is sitting in the stands with sunglasses and a big beard. Is he the player agent? However, Ace must focus all his energy on the big bruiser in the rink who is clearly trying to evict all the smaller boys out with some unfair tricks.

Ice-Hockey Ace Series

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