Roope Lipasti
Harri Oksanen
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64 pp., Age 6+

Ice-Hockey Ace 2: The Miracle Save

Lätkä-Lauri ja haamupelastus

Ice-Hockey Ace series follows goalie Ace and his friends when they join a hockey team and get to grips with the rules and the fun of the sport. An exciting, informative and fun read for all the Ice-Hockey Ace wannabees and their friends

Book 2: The Magic Save. Ace is the goalkeeper in the village hockey team. This is of course only a transitional stage before his international career takes flight. Ace’s secret weapon on ice is an inherited miracle glove that seems to be able to catch every puck. This season, the team’s credibility grows further when they get real player jerseys. But what happens in a game when Ace forgets the miracle glove on the back seat of his Mom’s car?

Ice-Hockey Ace Series

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