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May 2020
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450 pages



In the gripping second instalment by the award-winning writer of The Oath, a vulnerable secret threatens to unhinge everything.

The Oath, winner of the 2020 ‘Johtolanka’ Prize for Crime Novel of the Year propelled Arttu Tuominen’s new crime series to heady heights. Jeopardy, the second book in the series, raises the bar even higher.

When Police Commissioner Henrik ‘the Ox’ Oksman is called to investigate an explosion at a club in the town centre, he has no idea that the case he has been assigned runs the risk of exposing his deepest secret.

The incident claims several lives and prompts an outpouring of public sympathy. Meanwhile, information about the tragedy spreads like wildfire and, inevitably, discussion forums run rampant with speculation about the perpetrator, or self-styled “emissary”, who threatens to wreak further violence in a video message.

Jari Paloviita joins Oksman in investigating the case, but will the internal conflicts of Pori’s police unit jeopardise everything before they can prevent another attack?

Set near the Baltic cost of western Finland, Jeopardy is a novel about the threat and fear of violence, of inconvenient secrets, and self-acceptance.

Arttu Tuominen (b. 1981) is a Finnish environmental inspector moonlighting as a crime writer. Tuominen was awarded the ‘Johtolanka’ Prize for The Oath, garnering praise for the novel’s cleverly constructed flashbacks and realistic dialogue, making him eligible for the Glass Key Prize. Tuominen’s writing is distinctive for giving a compassionate and relatable voice to those on both sides of the law. He lives in the south-western Finnish town of Pori with his family.


The Oath, 2019
Jeopardy, due May 2020
The Weight of the Past, due late 2021


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