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August 2018
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203 pages

Lead Your Emotions: Tools and Wisdom for a Successful Working Life

Johda tunteita - menesty työelämässä

Understand and lead your emotions – the meta-skill of the future

Lead your emotions to succeed at work with these indispensable tools and wisdom from the leading Nordic expert on harnessing the power of emotions. Drawing on extensive experience and research, science and anecdote, former management consultant and leading emotion coach Camilla Tuominen distills her approach to share in short, engaging lessons how we can discover our hidden abilities and flourish in the workplace in the information age. Readers will come away with a deeper understanding of this essential meta-skill and its practical application in the workplace, for now and into the future.

“When fear becomes a company culture”. See Camilla Tuominen’s TEDx talk (Tampere University, Finland) and get inspired: Emotion numbing is a huge threat to our companies

Camilla Tuominen (b. 1975) is a renowned emotion coach, writer, illustrator and CEO & co-founder of She has written and illustrated two books on the subject of emotions, the latest title about leading emotions in the workplace. Her mission is to teach everyone how to understand and lead emotions, which she realised to be the core skill of the future during her years as a management consultant.


“Camilla’s work in the field of building wellbeing and flourishing through deeper understanding of emotions is a gift to everyone. It’s a joy to recommend Camilla’s book to anyone whom it may concern – which by the nature of its topic is, indeed, any human anywhere.” – Emilia Lahti, MSci, MAPP, PhD candidate, peace activist, awareness coach and sisu expert

“Camilla has combined her own material, science and inspirational anecdotes with her gifted artistic touch into a work that is a joy to leaf through, read and reflect upon.” – Esa Saarinen, Professor of Applied Philosophy at Aalto University, Finland

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