Henni Kitti
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346 pages


Elävän näköiset

A masterful debut about life that passes on like a relay baton from one generation to the next

“Sisko has had her eye on Alfred for some time. During potato planting, in the sauna, at the grocer’s truck. Sisko stares at Alfred as if he were someone other than who he is. One afternoon, Alfred understands what Sisko’s looks mean, crosses the line between the properties, and goes to her. Sisko takes him into the stables; that’s where she makes love to Alfred as the gelding’s large eyes look on.”

Lifelikes begins in a stable some time in the middle of the last century and ends in 21st century Helsinki. It is a tale of multiple generations and a river that suddenly changes course, a Russian circus dog, mining operations, and the proper way to stuff a dead zebra.

Lifelikes was shortlisted for the Best Debut of the Year award in 2014.


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