Publication date
October 2019
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154 pages

Pet Agents 2: To Track a Thief

Varkaan jäljillä

A new series for animal lovers!

Ti-bot has a bug that Kati-e can’t fix, so she sends him to an expert. Kati-e feels lonely without her friend but thankfully Tim’s home. Then Kati-e starts receiving messages about strange things that are going on in the neighbourhood: things that have gone missing from people’s homes.

When Ti-bot returns, he’s ready to help Kati-e investigate. The pair are so keen to solve the mystery that they hardly get any sleep. Then, in the middle of everything else, Kati-e gets a call from the zoo: a monkey has gone missing! And Ti-bot seems to know more than he’s letting on…

Riina and Sami Kaarla write and illustrate the Pet Agents series. As well as their four sons, their family includes two dogs and lots of cats. They have no shortage of pet adventures of their own!


New Pets & New Friends!, 2019
To Track a Thief, 2019
Charging Ahead, due 2020
Lost in the Game, due 2021


Colour illustrated
Age group: 6+


Finnish PDF
English cover and synopsis

Series rights sold

Czech (Grada)
Estonian (Rahva Raamat)
Polish (Media Rodzina)
Russian (Eksmo)
Slovakian (IKAR)
Ukrainian (Ridna Mova)


“One of the best new children’s books that I have come across.” Yöpöydän kirjat blog