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Pet Agents 3: Charging Ahead

Kadonnut kenttä

A new series for animal lovers!

Kati-e’s parents go on a work trip and Kati-e is sent to stay at her auntie’s farm. She can’t think of anything more boring! A farm, of all places! Kati-e’s life, her computer, her pets and her pet agency are based in the city! But she reluctantly agrees to go along when Tim is given permission to go with her.

But, what promised to be a boring week turns into anything but! Who knew life on an organic farm could be so much fun?

Patu-the-Pig is wise as a dog, and learning to ride a horse is exciting. Of course, the children turn out to be a great help with the farm animals too.

Kati-e’s greatest problem is the area’s bad satellite connection. But that’s only until Ti-bot disappears! Now Kati-e really has something to worry about! Their week on the farm flies by: Kati-e and Ti-bot, who returned safely, end up being very sad to leave their new friends behind at the farm.

Riina and Sami Kaarla write and illustrate the Pet Agents series. As well as their four sons, their family includes two dogs and lots of cats. They have no shortage of pet adventures of their own!


New Pets & New Friends!, 2019
To Track a Thief, 2019
Charging Ahead, due 2020
Lost in the Game, due 2021


Colour illustrated
Age group: 6+


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Czech (Grada)
Estonian (Rahva Raamat)
Polish (Media Rodzina)
Russian (Eksmo)
Slovakian (IKAR)
Ukrainian (Ridna Mova)


“One of the best new children’s books that I have come across.” Yöpöydän kirjat blog