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262 pages

The Girl and the Wall

Tyttö ja seinä

Final part of the Metro-trilogy

In the last novel of the trilogy, Metro flees for her life. She is running away from both the killer of her boyfriend Rusti as well as the Russian oligarch, from whose home gallery she destroyed millions of euros worth of artwork. But will the cold city of Kotka provide shelter for the black woman, who has more enemies than friends and who has lost everything except for her passion for revenge. Or must Metro face the same fate as Rusti and so many other people she loved?


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Praise for the work:

“In graffiti/detective fiction, Järvelä has discovered a genre that is not only deeply rooted in modern times but also acts as a tool to raise issues related to racism, societal injustice, loyalty between people and the common mercilessness of life.”  –Reader, why did I marry him blog

“The rough, tight and visually effective text gets under your skin. The narration is disciplined and graphic; what works particularly well in Järvelä’s style is the joining of extremes. […] The vendetta-style alley run is fast-paced and successfully overlapped with spot-on dialogue; chiefly coarse discourse. But momentarily, there are also moments of beauty and caring that unravel the uncouthness.”  –Tuijata blog