Harri Ahonen
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336 pages

The Hiking Routes of Central Scandinavia

Keski-Skandinavian vaellusreitit

Explore the stunning landscape of central Sweden and Norway. The book provides helpful information on everything you need to know about the walking trails and footpaths of central Norway and Sweden and more. Maps and gorgeous photographs inspire readers to set out on their own long-distance walk.

The Hiking Routes of Central Scandinavia is a follow-up to the very successful The Hiking Routes of Northern Scandinavia (WSOY, 2014).

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German (Kettler Verlag)


Praise for the Work

“This is the tour planner “par excellence” for hikes in the vastness of North and Central Scandinavia.” – Globetrotter Ausrüstung, Germany

“Two comprehensive reference works for long-distance trekkers in the impressive scenery of Lapland and Central Scandinavia.” – “Outdoor” magazine, Germany

“The books provide a unique overview of the hiking areas and help with detailed information in the preparation and planning of the tours.”– Nordis-Magazin, Germany