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August 2023
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366 pages

The Liberator


Book 5 in the acclaimed ’River Delta’ series by the Der Spiegel bestselling author of The Oath.

“The Liberator handed Harri a lighter and stepped off the exercise path into the forest. Harri had flick the lighter several times before he got the spark to ignite. The fire flared up in a single burst, dyeing the surrounding fir trees with its orange-yellow glow.”

The charred body of a man is discovered on a sports field in Pori. The victim had been doused with petrol and set on fire. Suspicions are directed at a group of youths known to having harassed rough sleepers in the past. When a second arson attack is caught on CCTV, the Pori police are forced to take the attacks seriously as rumours on the street talk of a ‘liberator’ offering the wretched eternal life and freedom from pain.

The police investigation takes the police deep into the world of the marginalised: nocturnal streets, drug dens, forest camps, bridge underpasses, and night shelters. Detective Susanna Manner, who heads up the investigation, has a secret: her son is a rough sleeper involved in serious crime. Manner is faced with the impossible dilemma: to put her child or her job first?
Internationally bestselling author, Arttu Tuominen delivers new crime novel with a strong social conscience, taking readers into the Pori night in all its colourful lights and inhabitants, tattooing it on to the reader’s skin. THE LIBERATOR is the fifth book in the acclaimed ‘River Delta’ series, which has seen commercial success and garnered praise from readers and critics alike, both at home and abroad.


The Oath, 2019
Jeopardy, 2020
Silenced, 2021
Shamed, 2022
The Liberator, 2023

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Danish (Modtryk)
German (Bastei Lübbe)


Finnish edition
Series Outline Books 1-6


“What makes Tuominen’s ‘River Delta’-series different from many other police detective stories is the glowing humanity that warms the reader to the core.
(…) In The Liberator, Tuominen has written his best crime novel to date. This is a great achievement, as the standard has been excellent since the beginning of the ‘River Delta’-series. –Taina Dahlbom, Helsingin Sanomat newspaper

‘Arttu Tuominen portrays the dark sides of people and what gives rise to evil. [His] crime novels leave a lasting impression.’   Max Seeck, New York Times and Der Spiegel bestselling author