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The Science of Love Hormones: A Nordic Approach to Balanced Health and Happiness

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A practical and instructive guide to understanding your love hormones and taking charge of your life from Emilia Vuorisalmi, the Finnish bestselling author of Crazy For Love: What Falling in Love Does to Your Brain.

Learning how your love hormones actually work is the first step towards taking control of your own health and happiness. Drawing on deep expertise as well as personal experience, qualified doctor Emilia Vuorisalmi explains how understanding the effects of dopamine, serotonin, and oxytocin on our mental and physical health can enable us to enhance our wellbeing.

When it comes to dating and romance, Vuorisalmi has been there, done that. A former “love addict”, she used dating and relationships to feel good and find balance in her life, unaware that doing so would cause her emotional difficulties in the long-term.

In The Science of Love Hormones: A Nordic Approach to Balanced Health and Happiness, Vuorisalmi shares her 12-part scientific formula for reaping the benefits of love, without even being in a relationship. In non-judgemental terms, Vuorisalmi guides readers through developing sustainable habits to support their health and happiness.

Combining relatable tales from her own life with simple exercises and practical tips that are grounded in science, Vuorisalmi teaches readers how to find clarity and calm, revolutionising their perspective on love.

The book addresses questions including:

Dr. Emilia Vuorisalmi (b. 1979) is a qualified doctor as well as a television personality, public lecturer, and Finland’s leading non-fiction writer on the science of love. Vuorisalmi has a well-established media platform boasting thousands of readers, listeners, and followers. Over the past five years she has reached a significant audience through her blog as well as a weekly podcast. Emilia often appears on television as a leading expert and she has published two non-fiction books. Her 2016 non-fiction book Crazy For Love: What Falling in Love Does to Your Brain (Sekasin LOVEsta, Otava 2016) became an immediate bestseller in Finland. Emilia currently lives in Helsinki with her two children.


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“Emilia Vuorisalmi has written a beautifully crafted book that demystifies what we call ‘love’ and puts us back in control of our own emotional reward, and fulfilment. Holistically authentic and intuitively precise, THE SCIENCE OF LOVE HORMONES reconnects us to the source of our innate power.” — Susan Winter, author of Allowing Magnificence, Older Women/Younger Men, and Breakup Triage

“With the deftness of an expert in her field and the warmth of a cup of hot chocolate, Dr. Emilia’s book is brimming with useful advice. Her formula for love is invaluable for relationships with others and, most importantly, the relationship with oneself. This is a thoroughly researched book, full of practical, easily applied tips, which we could all use right now.” — Jean Smith, author of  Flirtology 

“Few elements of the human experience are more profoundly important than love. Although some might suggest that examining love scientifically tarnishes its mystique, Vuorisalmi’s new text argues persuasively that the science of love helps us understand ourselves. Packed with evidence-based recommendations, this book is as practical as it is warm and engaging.” — Dr. Kory Floyd, author of The Loneliness Cure

“A rock-star speaker meets the expertise of a medical doctor in this very timely book on love. Just what the doctor ordered!” —  Dr. Pekka Himanen, author of The Hacker Ethic

“Emilia’s practical, easy-to-understand formula for reaping the benefits of love is inspirational. It sheds a light on phenomena that have previously been seen as somewhat mysterious and explains how you can actually affect change. The inclusion of the author’s own personal experiences bring the book to life.” — Ilona Rauhala, psychologist

“Emilia’s book is a diamond. This book got me to finally stop and think about things in a meaningful, concrete way.” — Esko Eerikäinen, radio presenter

“In THE SCIENCE OF LOVE HORMONES, the author uses practical instructions and exercises to offer the reader guidance on how to strengthen and nurture the production of so-called love hormones—oxytocin, dopamine, and serotonin—regardless of their relationship status… The methods outlined by Vuorisalmi are very practical. For example, if you need to clean the house but you don’t have the energy to do it right now, you can get the energy from a dopamine boost. You can achieve this by setting yourself challenges, for example: vacuum the whole apartment in 15 minutes… Vuorisalmi’s writing is both approachable and immersive.” — Virva Jakkula, Koillis Sanomat newspaper

“An interesting book, which tackles topics including what a full, healthy life looks like and how love hormones affect us.” — Maiju Markkanen literary blog