Kati Närhi
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114 pages, size 176 mm x 247 mm

The Secrets of Fern Grove

Saniaislehdon salaisuudet

What happens when Agnes, a young orphan girl, begins to investigate the secret history of her family?

A unique graphic novel about young Agnes, an orphan who lives with her grandmother in a city called Plankton.

All manner of horribly shady dealings are concealed behind the town’s pretty facades, such as the trade in organs taking place at an underclothes shop. But can Agnes solve the biggest mystery of all: what happened to her vanished parents?

Agnes’ story continues in the next album of the trilogy, The Black Marsh Mystery (WSOY 2012). The series finale, The Seventh Guest, was published by WSOY in 2015.


Rights sold

French (Steinkis / Editions Jungle)
Italian (Clichy)
Portuguese (Avec, Brazil)


Awards and nominations

Shortlisted for the 2010 Graphic Novel Finlandia Prize


Reading materials

Full English sample translation
Finnish edition
French edition
Italian edition


Praise for the work

Finland on Saniaislehdon salaisuudet (WSOY, 2010)

The Secrets of Fern Grove is a fully-balanced graphic novel on a European level.  (…) Full of personality and humour, it takes a skewed view of the world and creates a engaging atmosphere.” – Etelä-Saimaa newspaper

“Both the manuscript and drawings are mature and disciplined work. The excellent illustrations are full of delicious detail.” – Turun Sanomat newspaper

“She carries out her French-influenced drawing style with care and integrity. (…) In terms of the narrative, the clarity of the drawings is paired with enchanting contradictions.”– Sarjainfo


France on Agnès. Les mystères de Planctonville (Editions Jungle, 2017)

“We adore this story, whose universe reminds us of the Adams Family’s universe!” –  Les Petites sorcières

“Her sharp graphics are perfect for this squeaking world, dominated by black and white coloring.” – BD Sanctuary

“A Finnish graphic novel – which is rather rare – funny and uncomplicated.” – Le Pays Roannais