Sanna Isto
Julia Vuori
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175 pages, colour illustrated

Tinka and Taika: The Forbidden Forest

Tinka ja Taika: Kielletty metsä

The third book in Sanna Isto’s sunny Tinka & Taika series,

Grandma’s magic trunk is a gateway to a green forest. It is where Tinka’s and Taika’s training should be taking place over the winter months — afterall magic can only happen with the help of plants and herbs.

But something strange is afoot! Grandma is not including the girls on her mysterious trips in the woods. And when Grandma disappears the sisters must journey to the trunk’s world with only the strongest — and possibly the silliest — horse in the world for company.

The Forbidden Forest is the third book in Sanna Isto’s sunny Tinka & Taika series. It’s filled to the brim with sibling energy and magical goings-on. The first book in the series won the 2011 Arvid Lydecken Prize.


Tinka & Taika, 2011
Tinka & Taika: The Secret of the Witching Grass, 2013
Tinka and Taika: The Forbidden Forest, 2015