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Wills & Nelli Series

Risto Räppääjä

WILLS & NELLI is a bestselling children’s book series by authors Sinikka and Tiina Nopola. There are already 17 bestselling Wills & Nelli books and their success in Finland is immense. Wills&Nelli books have also been adapted into plays, musicals, an animation and into six full-length feature films, all of which have been major box office hits.

Wills McFinn’s mum is an archeologist and is away on digs for such lenghts of time that Wills lives with his Aunt Rose. Wills is a gentle, kind-spirited boy who has occasional bouts of self doubt and insecurity – especially if anything makes him worry about his friendship with Nelli who is his best friend. Wills loves rapping and writes his own songs.

Nelli Butterfly lives in the same apartment building as Wills. Her parents Boris and Blossom Butterfly are tv-chefs and celebrities. Nelli is a good and thoughtful friend to Wills, and is often the one to come up with smart solutions to pressing issues.

Rose McFinn is Wills’ Aunt and her actions are always ruled by her compassionate heart rather than something more sensible. Rose often gets the wrong end of the stick and her ideas tend to get out of hand. She has tender feelings for their downstairs neighbour Mr Alfred Lindberg who fully reciprocates and this ensures that he is always at hand to help Rose, and Wills, and Nelli, most of the time against his own better judgement. But you’d never hear Alfred saying no to the lovely Rose. Alfred is not a macho man by any stretch of the imagination but rather the stamp-collecting variety – and with a kind and caring demeanour of a long-standing bachelor.

Wills & Nelli Series

W&N: Shy Elmer (2019)
W&N: Julia the Schemer (2018)
W&N: The Artist Within (2017)
W&N: Something in Common (2016)
W&N: The Unusual Suspects (2015)
W&N: The Scrooge of Seville (2014)
W&N: The Look-alike (2013)
W&N: Nelli’s Plight (2012)
W&N: Wills’ New Dad (2011)
W&N: Star Struck (2009)
W&N: The Last Ice-Cream (2007)
W&N: A Gaming Frenzy (2006)
W&N: Teacher’s Pet (2004)
W&N: The Persistent Pimple (2003)
W&N: Dandy Andy (2002)
W&N: Freezer Fran (2001)
W&N: Wills & Nelli (2000)


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Arabic, Dar Al Saqi
Brazil, Sds Editora
Bulgaria, Faber
China (Simplified Chinese), Beijing Xiron Books
Denmark, Turbine
Denmark, Carlsen
Estonia, Varrak
Finland (Sámi), Abc-Company
France, Pocket Jeunesse (6-Book deal)
Hungary, Cerkabella
Japan, Komine Shoten
Latvia, Zvaigzne
Lithuania, Nieko Rimto
Poland, Foksal
Slovenia, Sodobnost
Spain, Santillana
Sweden, Bonnier Carlsen
Turkey, Altin Kitaplar