9-book deal to Russia! Timo Parvela, Bjørn Sortland & Pasi Pitkänen’s KEPLER62 sold to Rozovy Zhiraf (Pink Giraffe)!

Moscow-based publisher Rozovy Zhiraf (Pink Giraffe) has acquired the Russian rights to 9 titles of Timo Parvela, Bjørn Sortland & Pasi Piktänen’s KEPLER62 series! The individual titles are:

Season 1:
Book 1: The Invitation (Kutsu, WSOY 2016)
Book 2: The Countdown (Lähtölaskenta (2015)
Book 3: The Voyage (Matka, WSOY 2016)
Book 4: The Pioneers (Pioneerit, WSOY 2016)
Book 5, The Virus (Viirus, WSOY 2017)
Book 6: The Secret (Salaisuus, WSOY 2017)

Season 2 The New World:
Book 1: Two Tribes (Kaksi heimoa, WSOY 2018)
Book 2: The Island (Saari, WSOY 2019)
Book 3: The Whisperer’s Lair (Kuiskaajien kaupunki, WSOY 2019)

Russian is the 20th language for this amazing series.