Jari Sinkkonen

Jari Sinkkonen (b. 1951) is a child psychiatrist, a doctor of medicine and a senior consultant for Save the Children Finland. His books aim at putting theoretical formulations into a comprehensible style. Their themes deal with the phases in a child’s growth and development and the challenges that boys in particular face. His scientific works have included subjects such as hearing impairment, communication, music, changes in self-esteem in adolescent boys and the development of children taken into care.


Selection of works

At the Sources of Genius. The Great Composers’ Fragile Life (Nerouden lähteillä. Suurten säveltäjien hauras elämä, WSOY 2015)
First-Time Father
 (Isäksi ensi kertaa, WSOY 2012)
Good Start to School! A Guide for Parents (Kouluun! Ekaluokkalaisen vanhemmille, WSOY 2011 – with Timo Parvela)
– published also in Estonian (Ajakirjade kirjastus)
The Adolescence (Nuoruusikä, WSOY 2010)
What a Child Needs for a Good Growth (Mitä lapsi tarvitsee hyvään kasvuun, WSOY 2008)
– published also in Estonian (Varrak)
My Life as a Boy (Elämäni poikana, WSOY 2005)
– published also in Estonian (Varrak)
Playing With Dangerous Things (Leikkiä vaarallisilla asioilla, WSOY 2003)
For the Child (Lapsen puolesta, WSOY 2001)
Together With the Father (Yhdessä isän kanssa, WSOY 1998)
– published also in Estonian (Eesti Raamat) and Swedish (Forum)
With the Child, for Better and for Worse (Lapsen kanssa hyvinä ja pahoina päivinä, WSOY 1995)
– published also in Swedish (Forum)
Good Men from Small Boys (Pienistä pojista kunnon miehiä, WSOY 1990)
– published also in Swedish (Forum)