Kati Tervo

Kati Tervo is a writer and a popular columnist. Her early works Summer Diary (2008) and The Spirit of the Refrigerator (2011) have been lauded for their warm, ironic style, honest depictions of everyday life and unpretentiousness.

Kati Tervo in her own words:

”I was born in Helsinki in the summer of 1954. I made mud pies in the park in Southern Helsinki and went to school in the neighbouring South Espoo. I did live drawing in art school, sank my hands into clay as a ceramist assistant, and into dye at a silk press. I ended up in a library, which I left to go to university to first obtain a Bachelor’s degree in Social Services and then a Bachelor’s degree in Arts in Finnish literature.  I worked as a library assistant, administrator and librarian. I wrote poetry into my desk drawer and literary reviews for newspapers. I elected the career of a stay-at-home-mother in 2002. I write, cook, look after the house and follow what’s going on in the world. I live in Helsinki with my family. And I love everyday life.”



The Family Tree (Sukupuu, WSOY 2014)
The Spirit of the Refrigerator (Jääkaapin henki, columns, WSOY 2011)
Summer Diary (Kesäpäiväkirja, columns, WSOY 2008)