Lars Strang
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376 pages

An Eye for an Eye

Näön vuoksi

A gripping thriller of ambition and greed set in the international medical industry


The Indian pharmaceutical company Human Cell Laboratories has developed a new method for treating degeneration of the eye. Researchers from the Finnish company the Eye Clinic realize that years of hard-won research is about to go down the drain as the Indians snatch up the market right in front of their noses.

Arati Varma, an PhD who grew up in a poor village, has educated herself with the support of Hindu monks. Now she finds herself trying to protect her family against the ruthlessness of the pharmaceutical industry.

An Eye for an Eye is a whirlwind of corporate wheeling and dealing and romantic intrigue. The action leaps from country to country and one conference table to the next. As investors demand returns and the stakes rise, human life rapidly loses its value. An Eye for an Eye tackles the negative side of ambition and demonstrates how ambition, while necessary for mankind’s progress, becomes a destructive force when taken to its extreme.


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Praise for the work

An Eye for an Eye is a novel with brilliant structure: entertaining is an art.” – Forum för Ekonomi och Teknik

”Lars Strang is like Michael Crichton: coming outside the literary scene, and like an authentic CEO, he can think big.” – Kauppalehti Optio