Kati Kovács
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128pp in hardcover

Animal Alphabet for Adults

Eläimelliset aakkoset aikuisille

Is a person at his best when he is at his most animal? The Animal Alphabet for Adults describes 29 animals from A to Z as cartoons, in which ideas about animal species are thrown into disarray.

An alcoholic donkey, a bulimic boa, a charming celeb fruit bat and a large number of other animals are featured in Kati Kovács’ new comic book. It draws from the familiar ABC-Book tradition briskly with the latest spices, savoring it with the rich Finnish vocabulary. The Animal Alphabet for Adults is an absurdly funny book in which Kovács tells about humanity, our recognizable weaknesses and the ups and downs of life through animals. Short cartoon stories turn images of macho gorillas or mild-mannered sheep on their heads.

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