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Black Noise


Dark fear is spreading in the web. Someone hacks into the user accounts of two British youths and uploads ten videos showing only silent darkness. Then the violent videos arrive, showing people being kicked to death. When the bodies of the victims are found in the back streets of London, the whole of Britain and Europe is shocked. There is a killer who creates deaths like an artist. To fight these hate crimes, the love of ordinary people is needed.

Black Noise is a gripping thriller of web stunts, hate crimes and the strange effects of pop fandom and celebrity culture. It is the second novel in the Studio series about two Finnish women solving crimes in London with the help of their team called the Studio.

Black Noise is a pop thriller of two women fighting a savage killer. It continues the story of Cold Courage with even more twists, mystery and ethical drama. It is a thoroughly modern thriller with a plot that involves the intense nature of social media and the hunt for a terrifying killer.

Remember, don’t stand in the way of Finnish women.


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Praise for the work

“This is how thrillers should be done.” – Helsingin Sanomat

“Hiltunen has been compared to Stieg Larsson, and not without some reason.” – Helsingin Sanomat 

“When the book ends, the feeling is warm. Under the polished surface structure glows a humanity that is all too seldom present in the genres of detective novels and thrillers”. – Helsingin Sanomat

“The next superstar of crime lit might well come from Finland. (—) My bet is on Pekka Hiltunen, who has already been dubbed the Stieg Larsson of Finland. His Cold Courage from last year and the new Black Noise have the same kind of flow in the story and uncompromising humanity as Larsson´s books.” – Tekniikka ja Talous 

“Furtively ferocious.” – Olivia

“Our book club got goosebumps of fear reading Black Noise. Hiltunen brings a new vigour to Finnish crime lit: in the second novel the murders are entangled with pop culture and social media.” – Nyt

“Hiltunen is not just a thriller author but also a perceptive critic of society.” – Apu

“Finnish suspense on an international level! The plot works well and evil gets its’ punishment. I recommend this to everyone who like psychological excitement and thrillers.” – Kirjavinkit

“Skillfully built, cuttingly exciting and believable thriller. (…) The cliffhangers come so effectively, that the one chapter I always meant to read before sleep often turned into three chapters. There is something really hooking and comforting in the Studio that Finnish Mari has created in London.” – Kaksi-nolla

Black Noise is a well functioning and scary package. The themes are so fresh, web phenomena haven´t been covered yet enough, and Hiltunen knows what he writes about. His prose is precise and even elegant. The book is full of insight and doesn’t let the reader off easy. (…) This novel takes the reader straight into the heart of darkness. It isn´t just light suspense, here we have a book that I will probably have yet nightmares about.” – For the Love of Books

“This is simply fantastic thriller writing. It goes straight to the international market. The debut book was sold fast to six countries, and now Black Noise is getting up there, raising a lot of interest.” – Studio55 literature tv-program on the thriller series.

“Hiltunen has improved his style even from the award-winning debut. In Black Noise there are so many hot, important topical themes. I love the mingling of personal, moral levels to the questions of the hate crimes, tolerance in the whole society and web phenomena. All this is drawn so well together, showing a sense of caring for other people.” – YLE 1 Radio Crime book review

“This is truly a thriller on the international level: the whole setting in London and the hunt for the serial killer could be straight by the likes of Jo Nesbø or Stieg Larsson. A fine book with very carefully made background work.” – Kirjapiiri / AVA Channel

“Succeeds really well in creating suspense. The topics are big and important, but they never slow down the catchy plot, and the story keeps the reader in its’ grip till the very end. I like especially the sincere, good faithed way the author takes on the phenomena, problems and downright evilness of our time. As Hiltunen also shows literary ambition, I wait eagerly how the Studio series continues.” – Ruumiin kulttuuri

“Hiltunen builds the excitement so skilfully (…). Even the only downside of the story is to its’ credit: you lose your sleep over this book.” – Me Naiset


United Kingdom on Black Noise

“This cracking story about obsession and prejudice will grip you from the first page.” – Sunday Express, as part of their Best New Crime Fiction article

“A page-turning thriller, with likeable characters and a dark edge to the plot.” – Promoting Crime Fiction book blog

Black Noise is a book that has really brought crime fiction into the 21st Century. (…) Why it stands out: Bringing crime fiction up-to-date, Black Noise centres around social media and internet uploads for a contemporary twist on a detective novel.” – WH Smith Bookstores in Britain, who chose the book as one of their Standout Crime Books from the Past Five Years together with Gillian Flynn’s “Gone Girl” and Jo Nesbø’s “The Son”.

“Exhilarating discovery – Emotionally gripping crime fiction. (…) This isn’t just a psychological thriller; it’s a probing and rewarding look at how people choose to assert the demand for justice. Not only did I savor Black Noise, I’m sure I’ll be re-reading it.” – Kingdom Books review

“This suspenseful book has a lot going for it to sustain interest and engagement via the central mystery of the killer’s identity, as well as The Studio’s fascinating tactics.” review


France on Ecran noir

“A breathtaking thriller with a killer 2.0.” – Nyctalopes


Czech Republic on Černé Ticho

“I have to praise the fresh idea and the way the story develops. (…) We recommend this for all those who love Nordic crime thrillers with a touch of modern psychology in the characters and an IT-theme.” – Severske Detektivky

“An excellent book that you will read in a few days because you can not wait longer.” – Krajske Listy


Germany on Das Schwarze Rauschen

“Exceptionally exciting” – Nordische Bücherwelt

“The plot is clever and it is exciting to see the story unfold. The hunt for the killer leads to Zanzibar for a spectacular showdown. A real page-turner, I actually hardly could put it down. Waiting for the next part.” – Literaturblog von Leserinnen fur Leserinnen