Publication date
May 2021
Format info
104 pages, ages 6+, colour illustrated

Boldly You!

Rohkeasti sinä

A fun and practical guide-book full of useful tools that can make children’s everyday lives smoother and allow them to avoid misunderstandings between one another. The book has already sold over 20.000 copies in Finland!

Encourages children and young people to appreciate their own and each other’s uniqueness.

’Surrounded by idiots’ for Children!

Aura Marttinen, an experienced Certified Professional Behavioural Analyst, has worked with individuals and teams in companies in the US and Finland in order to improve their interaction skills and group dynamics with well-tested methods. Experiences in her own childhood and motherhood made it clear to her that also children would benefit from similar coaching. Boldly You teaches children how they may enable smoother interaction in their friendships and in meeting people, to avoid misunderstandings in their communication, and to improve their self-esteem in the process. Boldy You is a fun, supportive and practical guide for children to learn to recognize the four main behaviour types and their characteristics — in themselves and in others. A child who learns how others may see the world differently, will also find it easier to understand how to better interact with them. The right tools can strengthen child’s self-esteem as they feel better equipped when entering into new situations and interacting with their classmates and other people they meet.

Boldly You is beautifully illustrated by Anthony Conley whose character design work is well-known through some world-famous children’s characters. His involvement in Boldly You is a wonderful example of a very successful interaction between him and Aura and her girls during a chance encounter in a queue in California!


Finnish Edition
English sample translation 34 pp.

Aura Marttinen is a mother of two and a Certified Professional Behavioural Analyst. She has a long and extensive experience of coaching teams and individuals in the US and in Finland; helping people to develop their interaction skills and impro-ve group dynamics. When people understand what motivates them and where their strength lies, it is easier to react to different kind of situations at work. The same interaction skills and self-awareness are equally important in the school world and together with her daughters Elina and Sofia, Aura came up with a book full of useful tools that can make children’s everyday lives smoother and allow them to avoid misunderstandings between one another.

Elina and Sofia have certainly mastered the skills in the book. The girls have become immensely popular Youtube-stars in Finland and they’ve charmed the whole country with their positive outlook and ability to adjust to all situations with ease and grace.

Illustrator Anthony ’Antz’ Conley hails from the USA and spent over 18 years working as an Art Director for Neopets and as a Senior Art Director for Nickelodeon Animation Studio after which he made the switch to full-time freelance work for the creative freedom. Antz made friends with Aura and her girls in a queue in California—a sure sign of their positive interaction skills! Character design is Antz’s passion, and he surely knew how to portray Elina and Sofia! He lives in Paris with his family.