Anja Snellman
Publication date
September 2016
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146 pages



“Everyone is good at something. I love watching the sea.”

“Each of us is a constellation of islands, a reflection of the spangled sky.”

Closer is an account of a journey, a eulogy, a logbook of longing and return.

Having graduated as a therapist, the author starts a practice in Helsinki. One of her new clients is Ile, an HIV-positive heroin addict with a Greek father and a restraining order from his mother. As the man continues to see the author, she is reminded of her happy years of family life in Crete with her first husband and their two daughters.

Closer takes the reader to the Mediterranean and its islands, the hustle and bustle of a substance abuse clinic in Helsinki, and daily life in Crete. The bright blue of the Mediterranean hides remnants of the Minoan culture and treasures on sunken merchant ships, as well as the wrecked dreams of refugees approaching Europe.


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