Publication date
March 2022
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391 pp

Daughters of the World


’This dazzling and life-affirming journey through a utopian world is also a journey towards acceptance — of oneself and of others.’

Five girls meet at the Harmony Camp for the lonely. Lise-Lotte’s parents were taken by Nunezia fever, Kaia is grieving for her family, and Ritva is pissed off by The Earth Home’s hypocritical atmosphere. Zerinda’s brain is torn by her ancestress’ memories from the edge of the apocalypse, and she’s not sure whether she still holds the ownership of her mind. Joselina’s brother has died in an attack of mysterious mechanical insects, and together the five girls set out to find the truth. Fighting and dancing, they are lead on by the mystery, through the wonders of The Earth Home.

Daughters of the World is a brave utopia set in The Earth Home, where people are equal, nature is healing, and capitalism has been smashed. The journey of five girls is a mirage of an adventure novel, a modern take on friendship and a visionary study on a better world.

Awards & Nominations

winner, Junior Young Aleksis Prize, 2023
nominee, Topelius Prize, 2023


“Siiri Enoranta’s Daughters of the World is an empowering novel about finding hope, making friends, and respecting others, and the world. Five girls from different backgrounds embark on a journey to solve a mystery but end up discovering themselves and each other.The work inspires action by presenting different visions of the future and challenges the current consumer lifestyle. The book skillfully blends utopia and dystopia. We believe every young person, or even adults, should read this book to best understand its important message.” – Statement of the Young Aleksis Prize Jury

“Enoranta’s point-of-view technique builds a utopia a hundred years into the future. The nature has begun to recover, but the marks of devastation are still being repaired. The Earth Home is a place in which any human would like to live; violence is almost non-existent, and people look for the meaning of life from more permanent things than from the performance-oriented goals. Daughters of the World in framed by loss – from both the historical catastrophe as well as a personal loss in each of the protagonist’s lives. Enoranta’s compelling narrative engenders curiosity in her worldbuilding, and the result is both challenging and fascinating.” – Statement of the Topelius Prize Jury

“The idealism in this novel is delightfully open and shameless, fully aware of the pitfalls of preaching yet running towards them with joyful laughter. … To all daughters of the world, a triumphant utopia that one would hope to end up in the hands of decision-makers around the world. ” – Arla Kanerva, Helsingin Sanomat newspaper

“The utopia of the Earth Home is simultaneously both distant and sufficiently realistic to be believed. The journey of the protagonists opens this world to the reader, while sharing a lot about the acceptance of oneself and others, the limited natural resources, and the limitlessness of love. The only downside to the book is that the world it promises is not – yet – true. ” Joonas Riekkola, Savon Sanomat newspaper

”The novel [Daughters of the World] is a description of a future world, where the problems of climate crisis and polluted environment have been solved. This kind of optimism is really called for in speculative fiction right now.”– Niina Tolonen, Tähtivaeltaja magazine