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Tammi Publishers
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459 pages


Disa Hannuntytär

A mother’s frantic flight in 1390s Finland

When Disa’s 10-year-old boy is threatened with a cruel judgment, she takes her son and flees from her malicious relations. The pair are hurl headlong into adventure as they make their way across the chaotic land.

The boy has killed his father, and after years of succumbing to a brutal discipline, Disa has roused herself to defend her son. As home falls further and further behind, Disa’s long-slumbering heart begins to stir. But for whom? Despite his rebelling against the queen, the Lord of Turku Castle, Knut Bonpoika Grip, is a nobleman down to his spurs, and he offers Disa refuge. Captain Basti might be a scoundrel, but why does he turn up whenever Disa needs help most? An enchanting flight full of love, adventure, and pirates!


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Finnish edition


Praise for the work

Disa was a wonderful book, an engrossing historical novel that leads its readers into the Turku of the past, into the castle’s narrow passageways and the city’s lanes and alleys [—] A must-read for history lovers hungry for romance. – Vinttikamarissa literature blog