Teija Rekola
Mervi Lindman
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72 pages

Eetu and the Smartypants

Eetu ja nokkelat neropatit

-   Teija Rekola

The rollicking, rambunctious sequel to Eetu and the Ugly Raisin!

What do you do when two incredibly snooty cousins come to visit? Now there’s a pickle for Eetu, who once again relies on the company of his trusty shadow when faced with this annoying interruption in his life. You see, the girls are not only snooty, they are also amazingly good at everything they do. Eetu and his delightfully bositerous shadow pull out all the stops trying to show up the sister geniuses, but Eetu always draws the short stick. In the end, the girls’ parents come to pick up their little darlings, and it turns out that the smartypants have their weaknesses, too!

Eetu and the Smartypants is fast-paced, colorful and heart-warming children’s literature. Mervi Lindman’s illustrations underscore the spunky humor of Teija Rekola’s text, helping young readers process their feelings when faced with kids who are more capable than they are.

Teija Rekola is a Helsinki-based writer of children’s books, whose tales have taken readers on travels to Africa and Santa’s workshop and through time as well. Mervi Lindman is an illustrator and author of children’s books.