Timo Parvela
Publication date
1995, 1996, 1998
Format info
108 Pages

Ella and Friends 1

Ella ja kaverit 1

Ella is on the First Grade at school.  She has great friends and a nice teacher. But recently the teacher has looked a bit drained. It must be all the travelling he has done lately: first he went on a honeymoon, then to the theatre, and then on a daytrip with the class. The class thinks his reaction is very peculiar since they all had such a good time.

Includes the three first Ella books:
Ella ja kiristäjä (1995)
Ella teatterissa (1996)
Ella luokkaretkellä (1998)

Cover by Mervi Lindman
The original cover and inside B&W illustrations by Markus Majaluoma

Rights sold

Chinese (New Century Publishing House)
Czech (Portál)
Estonia (Ajakirjade)
France (Nathan)
Germany (Hanser)
Hungary (People Team)
Italy (La nuova frontiera)
Korean (Sakyejul)
Latvia (Zvaigzne ABC)
Lithuania (Nieko Rimto)
Norway (Mangschou)
Poland (EneDueRabe)
Russia (Pink Giraffe)
Slovenia (Mladinska Knjiga)
Spain (Grupo SM)
Turkey (Mavi Bulut)
Ukraine (Shkola)