Timo Parvela
Publication date
1998, 1999, 2000, 2001
Format info
167 pages

Ella and Friends 2

Ella ja kaverit 2

In Ella and Friends 2, the classmates venture off to summer camp, where who should turn up but their teacher – who was under the misimpression he was taking a de-stress vacation.

When second grade starts in the autumn, Pate is disappointed, because you don’t go straight from first grade to the university after all. To add insult to injury, you don’t even get paid for going to second grade, and so Pate goes on strike. And what happens when Quarrelershows up in their class: Tuukka hears the teacher telling the principal that Quarreler is from another planet. So the guy must be a humanoid! Lucikly Ella and her classmates eventually make it to night school, which the teacher organises after swearing that pigs will fly before he ever does that again. Luckily, there is only one rule at night school: everything is forbidden.

Ella and Friends 2 is a big book of pure joy. It contains the books Ella and the Quitter, Ella and Pate, Ella and the Quarreler and Ella at Night School. The stories previously appeared as a single-volume publication under the title Ella and Friends 4-7.

Cover by Mervi Lindman (2013)
Original cover and  inside illustrations by Markus Majaluoma (Ella ja kaverit 4-7)