Publication date
June 2023
Format info
56 pp. Age: 3+

Forrest Moves Away

Metsä muuttaa

A transformative  adventure that inspires change and ignites a passion for environmental stewardship in young hearts.

Forrest, a frustrated forest who lives in a city, reaches its breaking point. Forrest is so overwhelmed by people’s disregard for their environment that it decides to take matters into its own branches. So with a resolute rustle, Forrest shakes off the litter and debris and takes off and moves away, bidding farewell to the land it once called home.

Guided by the whims of the wind, Forrest traverses great distances by floating in the sea, still surrounded by plastic and debris. As Forrest arrives to an unfamiliar southern destination and explores its new environment, it realises that a change of habitat doesn’t necessarily equate to improvement.

This sympathetic picture book nurtures empathy and a deeper understanding of nature’s plight. Through enchanting illustrations and heartfelt storytelling, Forrest Moves Away encourages children to cherish and protect Earth’s precious ecosystems and the natural world around us.

Young readers also learn that moving away is not the only option when faced with challenges; instead, they will be inspired to embrace change and take action to preserve and improve their surroundings.

Forrest Moves Away is a delightful reminder that each of us has the power to make a difference.


Finnish edition
English translation set in lay-out


’In addition to respecting nature, the sensitively drawn story also reminds us of the importance of water. And Forrest is not holding a grudge. It is forgiving when people only first discover its value.’ — Helsingin Sanomat newspaper/Review of the best C&YA books/August 2023