Kaija Pannula
Netta Lehtola
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64 pages

Fox Tails


Shortlisted for the Finlandia Junior Prize, this book includes three utterly charming tales with a tail.

Fox Tails combines three beautifully illustrated stories in which a fox learns to paint, goes skiing, and makes a new friend.

Fox has decided to paint a picture. But deciding what to paint proves to be rather tricky: badger cubs never stay still; painting pictures food makes you feel hungry; and painting stars is difficult because it’s hard to see in the dark! One day he meets another fox, who teaches him that the world is full of fabulous and important subjects. You just have to be brave enough to pick up a paint brush.

Dealing with themes of grief, friendship and loneliness, Fox Tales is an utterly gorgeous book that’ll capture the imaginations of 3+ readers while teaching them important life lessons. Its three stories tackle the fragility of life, whilst bringing forwards its richness and joy.

Kaija Pannula (b. 1970) is the Finlandia Prize-nominated author of Fox Tails, which was illustrated by Netta Lehtola (b. 1996). At just 23-years-old, Lehtola was 2019’s youngest Finlandia Prize nominee. Using her background in graphic design, Lehtola’s gorgeous illustrations show the fox tending to his roses, skiing with his shadow and painting pictures.


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Prizes and nominations

2019, nominated for the Finlandia Junior Prize

Rights sold

Slovakia (Ikar a.s.)


“Netta Lehtonen’s colourful pictures perfectly complement these stories, which tackle themes of friendship, loneliness and loss. Could this become a classic like The Little Prince or The Frog and the Toad series?” — HS Viikko newspaper 

Fox Tails is a delightful story about friendship and pursuing your own passions. Lehtola’s illustrations especially capture an adult’s eye for detail and harmonious colours.” – Maaseudun tulevaisuus

“This book combines charming stories about growing up, how to handle sadness and friendship. It deals with the fragility of life, but also its richness and joy. This book’s pictures and story perfectly complement one another. Set in a peaceful and colourful world, this picture book combines traditional illustration techniques with the illustrator’s own, unprejudiced worldview beautifully, resulting in a truly touching story.” – Announcement of the Finlandia Junior Prize Jury, 2019