Publication date
August 2016
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220 pages

“Good Guys”: Temperament and the Workplace

"Hyvät tyypit". Temperamentti ja työelämä

Social. Active. Talkative. Intolerable.

A pioneer in temperament research dispels ingrained notions of the perfect employee and explains the genuine effects of temperament on the workplace.

Companies want to hire good guys. Being social and active are considered pluses. Consultants and commercially marketed tests are used to find the right personalities. But what if these assessments are so much hot air? How are different temperaments really manifested in the workplace? Can an introvert make a good boss? And is it true that there are an above-average number of psychopaths in management?

This work by an internationally renowned Finnish trailblazer in personality research can help us understand ourselves and our colleagues, function more effectively in the workplace, and manage stress. A must-read for companies looking to save money and tap maximum employee potential.


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