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September 2023
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547 pages

Guest Mode


The posthumous literary masterpiece by Finland’s most erudite, postmodernist writer.

Finlandia Prize for Fiction nominee. Winner of the Finlandia Prize for Fiction readers’ vote.

“And people fantasise because the world itself is not exciting, it offers nothing as such. People started making things up a long time ago, and since then it’s all gone pretty much up the arse.”

Ren Dawn is suffering from inventor’s block when a series of fiascos compel him to go to Cancún and undergo hormone treatments, delirium, and out of body experiences that give him a look at his life as if from the outside. And then there’s Louis Dufuette…

GUEST MODE is a dazzling novel in Miki Liukkonen’s signature maximalist style: about thinking, about disappointment in life as the ultimate goal, about world history as the evolution of a resting heartbeat, and a little bit of everything. Seatbelts are required but not part of the novel’s equipment. Behind a lighthearted narrative lurks something serious, heartfelt and sincere, begging the question: Where are you when you’re away from home?

An allusive, philosophical, and humorous novel that rejects both humour and philosophy by an author worthy of comparison to DeLillo, Foster Wallace, and Pynchon. At the time of his untimely death on 4 July 2023, Miki Liukkonen had finished this novel, which was published posthumously in Finland on 18 September to widespread critical acclaim and a confirmation of Liukkonen’s accession to Finland’s literary firmament.

Prizes & nominations

2023, Finlandia Prize for fiction, winner of the readers’ vote
2023, Finlandia Prize for fiction nomination
2023, Adlibris Award nominee, category fiction
2023, shortlisted in the fiction category of the “Most Beautiful Books of 2023′ competition


Finnish Edition
English Sample Translation 50 pp


GUEST MODE is a verbal pirouette by a sharp observer. The world of the main character of the work bursts with sensory stimuli, surprising events and randomly appearing characters. The text fluctuates between small details and the entire universe, between the concrete and delusions. The work is a fragmented cornucopia, where externality, the longing for love, the shock of the mind and deep humanity are put into words with masterful brilliance. – Statement by the Finlandia Prize Jury

‘Liukkonen has put together an outstanding parting for his readers, offering crystalline and knowingly obscure thoughts, linguistic talent and familiar Liukkonenisms.’ – Helsingin Sanomat newspaper

‘Dazzling…from beginning to end, a startling, but also joyful, portrayal of life.’ – Aamulehti newspaper

‘Characteristically masterful.’–  Turun Sanomat newspaper

‘In short, a remarkable work.’– Kaleva newspaper

‘An incorruptible writer-thinker.’ — Esa Saarinen, philosopher


French (Le Castor Astral)
Polish (Insignis)