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Hilda Goes for a Walk

Hulda ja Jalmari

A hilarious story for the little ones in the family

Jack is walking with little Hilda in the carriage. The twosome stops to listen to the birds, but Hilda doesn’t care about them. She prefers to honk her own horn: “toot toot!” Next, Hilda and Jack come by a dog and a police horse. The animals get the same treatment: Hilda is sulking and honking the horn. The little girl is moody today and doesn’t like anything.
– Not even the pig mask? Jack asks.

And in no time, the bird, the dog, and the horse all have a good laugh.

This charming story is written and illustrated by the well known Finnish graphic artist Markus Majaluoma.

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French (La Joie de Lire)
Chinese (Publishing House of Electronic Industry)
Danish (Turbine)

Praise for the work

It is enormously amusing to read these little picture books which dedramatize everyday life. –Le Soir

Like Wallace and Gromit – Le Soir

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