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Jenny Hill

Jenny Hill

A layered, powerful novel about the female body by the author of Lempi. 

Jenni Mäki is an ordinary, divorced woman. But inside her, Jenny Hill sparkles, daring to do more and commenting on the way the world looks at a woman. She is not satisfied with the definitions given when questioning the truth.

Jenny Hill is a compelling novel about womanhood, middle age, menopause, ageing, and what it is like to be a woman in this world — and a little bit about fairy-tale princesses and Brigitte Macron. Jenny Hill is a poignant and timely novel that boldly does justice to the female body through Rytisalo’s distinctively delicate yet powerful style.


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‘A feminist novel, critical of patriarchy and sexism, a diamond in the rough.’ — Me Naiset magazine

‘Rytisalo enjoys language like a figure skater enjoys pirouettes. The balance of sentences and phrases, the succinct summaries and vivid metaphors, the masterful use of text types and language forms flexibly linked to different situations are fascinating and captivating.’ — Kaleva newspaper

‘Minna Rytisalo’s work about a divorced middle-aged woman searching for her own contours blows fairy-tale classics to smithereens. Jenny Hill is a multilayered novel with a surprising narrative solution that works.’ — Turun Sanomat newspaper

‘Despite its heavy themes, Minna Rytisalo’s novel rolls along lightly, peppered with sharp humour.’ — Helsingin Sanomat newspaper