Kati Kovács
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80 pages, size 215 x 280 mm

Kamilee’s Labyrinth

Kamileen labyrintti

A moving story about a deaf young woman, illustrated in Kovács’ edgy and amusing style.

Kamilee, who lost her hearing at a young age, finds herself on an adventure to discover the deep dark secrets of a customer in a bird shop. Just what kind of labyrinth has she stepped into? And what kind of connections lurk in the places unseen?

A captivating graphic novel about what a person is prepared to do to preserve an important relationship, the weapons love can give and the traces the past leaves behind.

Kati Kovács, whose drawings have a trademark naïve style, is one of Finland’s best-known graphic novelists.


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French (Rackham)


Awards and nominations

Shortlisted for the 2016 Graphic Novel Finlandia Prize

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Praise for the work

“A deep-seated intensive description of unrequited love, family tragedy and the labyrinth created by secrets never voiced.” – Kainuun Sanomat newspaper

“Kati Kovács seems to be on a creativity high.” – Keskisuomalainen newspaper

“Kovács clearly relishes her illustrative work.”– Kaleva newspaper