Kimmo Takanen
Publication date
March 2015
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211 pages

Know Your Heart

Tunne sydämesi

A new title from the author of the best-selling book on schema therapy: How to grow whole again after a divorce!

Even a divorce that feels excruciating can become an opportunity to get to know your own heart better, to grow into a stronger adult human being and to build a new life for yourself.

The book Know Your Heart. The Road to New Love provides specific advice on how to soothe your feelings and bring comfort to everyday life after a divorce. What can you do to purge the anger or the grief that you feel? Why should you think twice before rushing headlong into a new relationship? The book helps you to bring a relationship that is over to closure, and so prepares you for the prospect of new love. It contains tests and assignments that help you to unlock your life traps and to become whole again.


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