Kimmo Takanen
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Know Your Life Traps

Tunne lukkosi

Tried and tested, hailed by its users: Everyman’s top tool for unlocking their life traps


Become aware of your life traps and free yourself from the clutches of your negative emotions to achieve what you really require! By recognizing the impact of your past, you will mature into an increasingly whole adult human being.

Do you make inordinate demands on yourself? Do you sacrifice your own needs? Do you repeatedly find yourself in awkward situations as to your human relations? Do you sense that behaving a certain way is harmful to you, but that you are incapable of changing?

With the help of illustrative descriptions and examples, Know Your Life Traps. Free Yourself From the Clutches of Your Negative Emotions helps you to identify the stumbling blocks in your emotional life and their impact on your behaviour. It guides you through re-evaluating the effect of your past on your present situation, and assists you in discovering alternative solutions to the challenges in your life. The book helps you to finally achieve what you have always truly and most profoundly desired.

The book includes comprehensive descriptions of the characteristics of a total of 18 life traps as well as tests with which you can outline your own negative emotional patterns and their origins. The book also offers several practical exercises based on schema therapy, enabling you to help yourself to free yourself from your life traps.

Know Your Life Traps has become a bestseller in Finland with 150 000 copies sold!


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Praise for the work

“Therapist Kimmo Takanen’s work serves both as a self-help book and a behavioural guide, and is clearly fit for purpose.” – Iris Tenhunen, Tukilinja

“The book introduces 18 life traps and explains how these manifest themselves in everyday life. The descriptions are apt to the point of making the reader feel almost embarrassed at times. For the purging of life traps, the book offers straightforward instructions based on the principles of schema therapy.” – Nina Sarell, Helsingin Sanomat

“This book offers truly interesting reading and is likely to inspire the readers to look upon themselves in a new light.” – Henna Salmela, Esse

“Glancing through the book made me feel as if I were actually unlocking life traps; leafing through it made it seem as if I were seeing a therapist friend whose wish was to rid me of those habits of mine that constrain me in certain situations of social interaction.” – Salme Turunen-Tuulos, Psykologia Magazine 03/2012

Know Your Life Traps is a clear and user-friendly introduction to schema therapy. With its wide-ranging examples of deep-rooted ways of acting, called schemas, and of the mind states that trigger these, called modes, the book meets the requirements of the informed layperson in every way.” – Tuija Matikka, Psychologist,


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